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WELCOME!.. To those of you who are new to our dance studio we welcome you to our dance family!  Those of you who are returning Dance Xperience members we welcome you back to another great year!  We are very excited to start another fantastic year at Dance Xperience.  The staff have been preparing lesson plans and meeting with one another and cannot wait to begin classes!  This season we have some new and wonderful events planned for our friends and we love making our studio better every year! Classes start Monday September 11th!

Parent/Student Handbook… Check out our handbook!  All the information you’d ever want to know is in this Handbook.  Please go over our social media policy, our Calendar of Events/Closures and other VERY important information in this packet.  We know it’s long but please keep this Handbook on your desktop so you can refer back to it as needed.  Call us and we’ll send you a copy! Thanks so much!

We Are Performing!…every year our company members perform at community events:  Mt Laurel Day at 11:30am September 16th, Moorestown Mall SJ Mom Expo at 10:30am and Hainesport Day at the park behind Hainesport Municipal Building at 12:45pm…both performances are on September 23rd!  Please come out to support our dance studio and our resident dance company!

Disney Rehearsals… start Saturday, Sept 16th at 2pm!!  Get ready for a fun & magical time!!!

Incentive ProgramDid you know you can make $50?  or more?!  for every friend/family you refer you can receive $50!  And your friend makes $50 too! All you have to do is have your friend fill out an incentive form at the front desk and that’s it!  After two months of your friend taking classes, you and your friend receive your $50 in tuition credit!  It’s that easy!!!

Bring a Friend Day…During the week of October 2nd – October 7th we have Bring a Friend Day!  You are able to bring a friend with you to your dance class.  There is no fee for your friend to take class.  Don’t forget:  if your friend decides to register for classes with us, you can take advantage of our Incentive Program and receive $50 off of your tuition!  On October 1st we will be emailing you more information about Bring a Friend Day along with an invitation that you can give to your friend!

Recital Costume Payment… The first recital costume deposit is due on October 15th.  We are so excited to start picking out our Recital Costumes!!!

WE HAVE A RECITAL DATE!!!… We strive to make our big year-end showcase better every year! We are so pleased with our changes and additions! Be sure to tell family and friends now so they can save the date!!!

Our recital info is as follows:

Mandatory Dress Rehearsal:

Monday June 18th (Twinkle Babies (3-4yrs), Twinkle Stars (4-5 & 5-6yrs) and dancers in the 1st half of the 6pm show)

Tuesday June 18th (Dancers in the 2:30pm show and dancers in the 2nd half of the 6pm show)

(The studio will be closed on Friday, June 22nd in preparation for the big day!)

Recital (our 15th annual Recital!!!):

Saturday, June 23rd:  We are having 3 shows again this year which means shorter recitals and more fun!!!

  • 11:30am show (for Twinkle Babies (3-4yrs), Twinkle Stars (4-5, 5-6yrs) classes along with some advanced students, DXC Minis, DXC and Daddy and Me dance!) 
  • 2:30pm show (for students in levels I/II, II, Beginners along with some advanced students, Production, DXC, DXC Minis and Dad dance!) 
  • 6pm show (for students in levels II/III and up along with Production, Senior Tribute, DXC and Dad dance!) 

Both the dress rehearsals and recitals will be held at:

Burlington Twp High School Performing Arts Center 610 Fountain Ave Burlington NJ

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT COMING!!!…That’s right!  We are beyond excited to make our big announcement!  The staff got together and came up with a really wonderful idea.  CHECK OUT OUR FACEBOOK GROUP AND PAGE FOR DETAILS ON OUR BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

Thank you dance families!  Have a wonderful month!

Happy Fall everyone!  

7 day free class pass!

That's right! You can participate in our fantastically fun dance classes for 7 consecutive days as a gift from us!